ScubaHides were invented and patented by my father Todd Hasz; artist, inventor, entrepreneur, musician, adventurist, and just all around amazing guy I’m lucky to have met and fortunate to have been able to call my friend. Born April 11, 1973, in Williamsport, PA, Todd was a 1991 graduate of Hershey High School and completed his education at Western Maryland College in 1996. Todd was self-employed as the President of Egojester Designs where he developed, patented, and marketed ScubaHides and the Halberd Door Rack (Medieval Door Systems). Todd passed away unexpectedly at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania on Monday, December 5, 2011, after battling a heart condition, surrounded by his family and friends. Todd was a gifted musician, a proud father, a loving son, brother, uncle and fiancé. The amazing thing about Todd is that he was upbeat, in a good mood, and had a positive attitude literally 99% of the time, and I personally never witnessed the 1% I’m only assuming had to be there somewhere. Everyone who knew Todd would agree to the statement that he was a “one of a kind” type of guy. Todd loved music, adventure sports (Todd was a solid whitewater kayaker and river guide for a while), and creative invention. Even these distinctive and diverse talents were made even further unique in Todd’s world. For example, as a musician, Todd was more than just a singer, bongo drum, bass, and flute player; Todd did things like playing African bongo drums in an Irish folk band at a local Irish pub in Wilmington, NC.

Samples of Todd Playing music:

He designed ScubaHides to be a fun, easy and inexpensive way for divers to personalize and protect their tanks, and increase diver identification underwater. The images are printed on a 10 mill. thick piece of polyethylene which is placed on the tank without any adhesive. Then a 5mill. thick shrink-wrap sleeve is slid over the tank and heat shrunk with a normal hairdryer or heat gun. Because the graphics are printed on the inside of the label, they (and the tank) are protected. No adhesive is used whatsoever, so removing and replacing the cover is simple and easy with the supplied extra shrink sleeve. Once you receive your Scuba Hide, they are easy to apply yourself. Simply place the graphics on the tank, slip the clear heat wrap over it, and apply heat with a normal hair dryer to shrink-wrap it tightly to the body of the tank. To remove, simply score the sleeve with a sharp knife or razor blade and replace with the supplied extra shrink sleeve. PLEASE RECYCLE! Under normal use, the clear sleeve of your Scuba Hide will stay on your tanks, in and out of the water, for about 8-12 months, or until the annual visual inspection is due.
Here are some FAQ’s about ScubaHides:

1. ScubaHides are not stickers – they are removable and reusable and will last for many years.
2. ScubaHides do not promote the rusting or pitting of tanks. (see below)
3. ScubaHides do work equally well on both aluminum and steel tanks.
4. ScubaHides do fit any tank size tank including 12 and 15 liter. (excluding pony bottles)
5. ScubaHides do not cover VIP inspection stickers or the hydro-testing stamp.
6. ScubaHides do not slip. Once they are on, they won’t come off until you cut them off.
7. ScubaHides do not alter buoyancy.
8. ScubaHides are customizable with your graphics and logos.
9. ScubaHides were extensively tested by P.S.I.